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OneVarsity has created an industry-academia networking and collaboration platform to connect faculty, students, industry, and industry professionals for knowledge sharing. Our objective is to connect knowledge professionals with people who seek knowledge for their research, teaching, and learning.

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The future of higher education is changing. With the advent of technologies and the increasing demand for lifelong learning, the university experience is being transformed. OneVarsity leverages artificial intelligence to prevent brain drain and connect industry experts with institutes of higher education. It's a platform that connects educational institutes with industry and industry professionals.
We provide universities with corporate partnerships and industry experts, who offer up-to-date insights on the latest trends in the industry. With our knowledge pool, we help the faculty deliver their subject with a practical hands-on approach to their students.
Visiting Faculty

Finding a visiting faculty is a challenging task. We are a marketplace that connects institutions and faculty to subject experts from other institutions and industries. Learn everything you need to know, get your questions answered, and get your syllabus delivered by a specialist who is an expert in the field. We vet all our experts and make sure they are qualified to teach your students and answer their questions.

Guest faculty

We understand that finding a guest faculty from the industry is difficult and finding a great faculty is too difficult. But imagine what would happen if you were given more than one profile to choose from and all of them are ready to deliver the lecture on your day and time. These professionals will bring their expertise and industry experience in front of your students to give them a first-hand account of the industry. It would not only provide them with invaluable knowledge but also help them form connections with people who could be potential mentors or employers.


We provide mentors from industry to faculty and students. We connect experts with university faculty and students. With our mentorship program, students are able to learn from industry experts, while faculty get expert advice, data, and case studies on how to make the most of their classes.

Industry talk and sector knowledge

Imagine a world where students could produce work with the best minds in their field. Imagine a world where graduate schools could produce work with the best minds in their field. Imagine a world where companies could produce work with the best minds in their field. We are that world. Our platform connects you to the leaders and experts who have shaped their industries, and we're just getting started.

Industry Workshops

The skill gap is the biggest problem industries face worldwide. According to research, if this skill gap is not met, the world will lose $11tn of annualized GDP by 2028. Industry workshops offer practical and application-oriented sessions to the students and make them ready for the industry. It sets their expectations right and provides them insight into their own expertise.

Internships and Live projects

With the competitive job market, students struggle to find suitable internships and work experience opportunities. Our company helps students find internships that match their skillsets, interests, and passions. We also offer live projects for more experienced students.

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